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We represent

Flamenco XXI stands out as a pillar of promoting quality Flamenco in Seville and on this line we represent artists of national and international reputation, being an honor to have great figures among our constituents..


Manuela Carrasco, the Goddess of Flamenco dancing.

Sevilla, 1958

Born in 1958 in Triana, dancer, director of her company and a leading figure of flamenco, began her relationship with flamenco dancing being very young and almost self-taught. At the age of 11. she made her debut at La Cochera de Sevilla, and at the age of 13 she was touring Europe dancing next to Curro Velez. It was the Madrid tablao of The Canasteros which began to fame of her actions, following a particularly energetic and temperamental interpretation of flamenco.

Her professional path, inside and outside the country, has provided great acclaim. Some of them correspond to her appointment as Favorite Daughter of Andalusia, the Ambassadors Peace Prize in 1976 and the National Dance Award in 2007 in the form of interpretation.

Important and well-known images of flamenco have shared shows with Manuela Carrasco and have marked her career, including Camarón, Fernanda de Utrera, Farruco and Chocolate.

Essences, Tronío, A sip of the sublime, Romalí Gypsies dance and Flamenco sigh are her latest works in her company.

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