Throughout our history, great flamenco artists have recognized the value and quality of our services, showing their support.

Aurora Gaviño, pure flamenco style.

Fashion designer.


Ricardo Pachón, audiovisual seal “Flamenco Vivo”.

Producer of the most part of the discography of Camarón and great artists like Manuela Molina, Lole and Manuel, Los Montoya, Kiko Veneno, Pata Negra, and Diego Carrasco The Macanita, among others. Director of dozens of documentaries of reference for TVE and creator of reputable soundtracks.


Sandrine Rabassa, a festival of flamenco.

Artistic director of the international festival of reference Mont-de-Marsan “Arte Flamenco” in France.


José Cortés “Panseco”, the genius of flamenco singing.

Flamenco singer with an unparalleled track record of over 40 years.


Aurora Vargas, blood and flamenco elf.

The most prestigious of its kind and requested flamenco singer.


Joaquín Amador, pure sound.

Flamenco guitarist and musical director of the shows of Manuela Carrasco.


Encarnación Amador “La Susi”, flamenco flower.

Recognized flamenco singer. In 1977 released her first well-known album “La Primavera”, produced by Paco de Lucia and Antonio Sanchez, her father. Companion for years of Camarón and Tomatito.


Raimundo Amador, the value of artistic fusion.

Guitarist and songwriter with international prestige for his ability to fuse flamenco with other styles (rock, blues …). Roommate of B.B. King on tour in Spain in 2004


Manuel Molina, the origins of new flamenco.

He was part of the famous duo Lole y Manuel, first exponent of the origin of the “new flamenco”. Film and television image remembered in films like “Flamenco” by Carlos Saura or recognized “Kill Bill (Volume 2)” from Quentin Tarantino.