Paco de Lucia flamenco universal soul.

Flamenco Revolution with an unexpected goodbye paco_lucia

“Sometimes there are mistakes, but you are in a state of excitement, the adrenaline that helps you find solutions almost always surprising and often exceed the original composition. What happens is real. “( (El Vivo, Paco de Lucía).

And so, as real as a live which touches the soul of music, last February Paco de Lucia stopped feeling the breath of musicians who were at his side. His energy and adrenaline, his music and his artistic vision and influence remain concerning generations of musicians and flamenco lovers internationally.

Francisco Sánchez Gómez, Paco de Lucia, universal and innovative musician of flamenco guitar since the age of 16 has 235 recorded musical works, many of which reflect his composer side in which he managed to unite world music such as bossa nova, jazz or blues … Flamenco, has continued to grow and evolve in his hand, his fingers on his guitar. A guitar that started playing out of necessity when a child, in Algeciras, along with his father and brother Pepe de Lucía, there was no other way to get ahead.

But not only flamenco evolved in his fingers, but it revolutionized solo and with his inseparable artistic duo Camarón de la Isla, legendary singer who signed several LP’s of remarkable success between 1969 and 1979, marking the future of flamenco.

Paco to his peers and followers, magical and inimitable guitarist, was sublime and tireless ambassador of Spanish culture around the world. From LP’s dedicated to classics like Falla and Albéniz, to recitals in the best theaters in the world records, in 1980 the historic Friday Night In San Francisco with acoustic and electric guitars John McLaughlin and Al di Meola recorded.

Between his tours, New York became flamenco, along with his brother when he was hired by the dancer Antonio; Mexico, Africa, Australia and the United States were the destinations that marked his tour with Jose Greco; and already in 1966, with the company of Antonio Gades participated in a U.S. tour interpreting the Flamenco Suite.

Each and every one of these locations have been key in his compositions, musical and cultural enrichment that helped to introduce a new look and new harmonies in pure flamenco.

In 2004, after 40 years dedication, thousands of concert fans, twenty LP’s and some breaks, he was awarded the Prince of Asturias Award for the Arts, along with the National Award for Flamenco Guitar, Gold Medal of Merit in the Fine Arts Medal of Andalusia or the title of Doctor honoris Causa degree from the Berklee College of Music, attest to the recognition of Paco de Lucia.
Paco de Lucia revolutionized the world with his flamenco, and now the world is revolutionized by his unexpected goodbye. As unexpected as his live appereances, where used to put all his effort on. A Flamenco and universal soul that will never abandon us.