Flamenco XXI

Flamenco XXI

In Flamenco XXI we contribute to the continuation, expansion, deepening and evolution of flamenco as a universal culture, from its history and its roots in order to bring it to the present with all its essence.

Flamenco XXI was founded with the goal of bringing flamenco to a more international projection, thus we introduce it to national and international audiences through our cultural services and representation of artists.

In this line, we create and promote events outside our borders where they accommodate both new talent and established artists, while ensuring the highest quality of all performances. Our shows cover both the Flamenco festivals as the great halls of European theater, generating circuits of great interest to all those who wish to learn the flamenco in its purest form in their own cities.

For businesses, we have flamenco performances that accompany their business visits abroad, creating unique experiences that celebrate national cultural values ​​as well as its art and traditions that leave a vivid impression on all products sold.

We make possiblethat the feeling and the cutting edge of art and Flamenco is lived in our historic routes, visiting landmarks of Sevilla related to this centennial art rooted in the culture of the city. We make available to all visitors the opportunity to see the Flamenco in its crib, with two unique tours that culminate with a flamenco show in the heart of one of the most emblematic neighborhoods of our city: Triana.